Founded in 2019, Kamikaze Innovations was the brainchild of Waldon and Stephia Hendricks, a dynamic husband and wife duo. The inspiration behind Kamikaze Innovations was the desire to provide assistance to small businesses and start-ups aspiring to scale up and optimise their operations. Recognising the need for technological expertise within this sector, we've dedicated ourselves to offering tailored software development, security, maintenance, and website design and development services.


At Kamikaze Innovations, we are a collective of passionate professionals, each bringing unique skills and knowledge to the table. Our strength lies in our ability to work as an integrated unit, continually pushing boundaries to create effective and sustainable solutions for our clients.


Our mission at Kamikaze Innovations is to become the backbone of small businesses seeking to take their ventures to the next level. We are committed to delivering top-tier, affordable services that help our clients meet their business goals, cut unnecessary costs, and augment productivity and efficiency. We strive to boost their brand visibility through strategic digital marketing and high-quality website development, ensuring their digital presence resonates with their brand identity. Our commitment to affordability means we tailor our services to meet every budget, ensuring that high-quality tech support and business growth are accessible to all.